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I am thrilled to bring to you this 2 Weeks in Bangkok travel guide and food video series. I hope these videos will be helpful and useful for you when you visit Bangkok. Thank you for watching this video series of food and travel in Bangkok!

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Bangkok Food Tours

Pick up some new cooking techniques with the tips and tricks in this amazing playlist.

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Cooking Techniques

Learn how to make bread -- sourdough, baguettes, brioche, dinner rolls, sesame buns, and more -- with these bread-making tutorials.

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How to Make Bread

With these video lessons will cover everything from the ultimate in stocking your cake making pantry, to making, frosting and decorating layer cakes.

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Best Cake Recipes That are Easy and Top Rated

A sandwich is a quick and tasty way to make a meal. It can make a great lunch or breakfast, and can be served either hot or cold. A perfect sandwich is more than just bread and filling, with these videos you will lear how to make the perfect Sandwich.

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Best Way to Make a Delicious Sandwich

With these videos You will learn all about food and how your body uses it! How Food Works? It is safe to say that one thing you'll do today is eat some food, get food and nutrition tips on this amazing videos.

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How Food Works

A collection of videos on diet, fasting, bio-hacking and health. The topics are diverse and offer multiple perspectives.

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Discover Healthy Lifestyle

Some interesting things I found on effects of sugars (and high carb foods in general).

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Sugar: killing you slowly

This playlist teaches you how to cook a perfect steak. It explores all the necessary aspects, from buying meet, the tools needed to actually cooking and consuming the steak. Enjoy :)

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How to cook the perfect steak