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Learn how individual actors make decision that affects economies. Understand the factors that affect supply and demand. With this playlist you will boost your knowledge on Microeconomics

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Learn Microeconomics: A Complete Guide to Boost Your Learning

Learn physics and delve into the basic principles that govern the world around us. This is a complete and practical playlist for understanding physics with no distractions

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A Comprehensive Guide To Physics Basics

A compilation of gluten-free diet videos along with foods that you need to stay away from when you have gluten sensitivity and gluten-free meals for kids.

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Gluten-free diet and celiac disease

All the things you need to know in order to learn the basics in Revit. From basic building blocks to model libraries to exporting/importing to AutoCAD/Lumion, everything is compiled to turn you into a junior revit expert

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Revit - zero to hero

Basic introduction to financial markets, how market cycles work and interpreting important financial statements and ratios which help to choose the right investment. A bonus is an animated video which explains how the economic machine and cycles work by the famous investor Ray Dalio

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Financial markets basics

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How to study

This playlist will introduce you to the most important aspects of Lumion and guide you in-depth through each feature that is necessary in order to create a perfect 3d render/video.

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Lumion - basics, tips and tricks

6 videos04:11:01

Startup School

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ML :: Plotting

Introduction to linear models.

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ML :: Linear Models