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One of the most debated topics in the video game industry is one that may surprise you: not graphics or gameplay, but ethics. People, whether they are gamers or not, often ask themselves if developers have an ethical obligation when creating their next title. But what do you think? With these videos at the end of the day, you will be agree it’s up to each person to decide what makes a game “unethical.”

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What Beginners Should Know About Ethics in Game Design

Unity is considered one of the best game engines in the industry. With these video tutorials you will lear how to create a 2D Racing Game Step By Step For Android: Unity Racing Game Development Tutorial For Beginners.

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Unity Racing Game Development Tutorial For Beginners

Learn about the Unity Interface and how to create your first game in Unity. In these videos we look at creating a Breakout style game including basic game mechanics, user interface and a game manager script.

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Unity GameDev Tutorial for Beginners: Brick Breaker Game

How can I learn game development in Unity? With these videos you will learn an introduction to Unity3D for Android development including a look at the benefits and basic steps for getting started.

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An introduction to Unity3D for easy Android game development

The Weapon Demonstration project's goal is to build a complete library of videos demonstrating the various aspects of all weapons in Team Fortress 2. With these videos you will have a one consistent style demonstrating how weapons work.

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Team Fortress Weapon Demonstration (Spy)

One of the most popular online action games of all time, Team Fortress 2 delivers constant updates, new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats! Nine distinct classes provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities, and lend themselves to a variety of player skills.

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Team Fortress 2 Gameplay

With these videos you will learn to Build Your Own Videogame with the Unity Game Engine and using the Microsoft Kinect, 3D digital object creation, videogame design.Are you looking to build 3D games with Unity 5? You are in the right place.

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Learn to Build Your Own Videogame with the Unity Game Engine and Microsoft Kinect

A playlist of some of the coolest and most exciting moments of 2018 - a bit late but still fun to watch and spend some time when you're bored. There are some plays/moments that are highlighted in more than one video - but hey, both of the creators decided that moment deserved a spot in his video. All of the creators are credited. Hope you have fun watching this!

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Best Dota 2 moments of 2018

A compilation of No Man's Sky biomes from exotic, cool, rare and weird.

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No Man's Sky exotic, weird, redacted and other cool planets

A compilation of videos that relate to No Man's Sky portal addresses and explanation of what is the NMS galactic hub.

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No Man's Sky portal addresses to check out