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A playlist of some of the coolest and most exciting moments of 2018 - a bit late but still fun to watch and spend some time when you're bored. There are some plays/moments that are highlighted in more than one video - but hey, both of the creators decided that moment deserved a spot in his video. All of the creators are credited. Hope you have fun watching this!

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Best Dota 2 moments of 2018

A compilation of No Man's Sky biomes from exotic, cool, rare and weird.

6 videos01:40:33

No Man's Sky exotic, weird, redacted and other cool planets

A compilation of videos that relate to No Man's Sky portal addresses and explanation of what is the NMS galactic hub.

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No Man's Sky portal addresses to check out

This is a playlist where all the best highlights, best moments & behind the scenes from The International tournaments since the beginning up to the latest and they are sorted by date. I do realize that there are some highlights repeating and that is due to different creators uploading different videos on YouTube. Hope it saves you time and you find it entertaining!

59 videos20:45:24

Dota 2 - Evolution of The International (2012-2018)

2 videos00:32:52

Best of Blackout

A compilation of No Man's Sky videos and as a bonus my own video where I sleep during exploring a beuthyful planet ( don't do this at home )

8 videos06:34:37

No Man's Sky 2019 major updates, building, tips and bonus video

Assassin's creed odyssey- funny moments

7 videos01:13:45

Assassins Creed Odyssey- funny moments

The best moments in PUBG are actually.......

4 videos01:15:43

PUBG Best Moments

This playlist is dedicated to all of those fans of Halo 5, which I think it's the greatest saga in the Microsoft community. Please check it and enjoy. Thanks.

10 videos01:20:51

Halo 5 - Quick Tips for Better Movement! (Stabilize Jump, Thrust Slide)

Finally, Blizzard does the right thing. The worst aspect of Hearthstone in history - is gone! In addition, three best decks in Dec 2018 meta, and a couple of evergreen tech cards.

3 videos00:30:05

Bye Bye Shudderwock

Get the best insights and tactics with this amazing playlist.

20 videos00:23:10

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Tutorial Quests


8 videos00:59:02

Best Goals PES 2019