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Join the horsey set with this video series about horses and horseback riding.

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Horses & Horseback Riding

Turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. You just need this playlist, which includes advice on how to train your puppy. **Please help** by suggesting some videos **in the comments section**. Let's build the best dog training playlist! _**Edit1:**_ I've taken out some of the dog whisperer videos, **thank you for giving me the heads up!** **_Edit2:_** A good read when you don't want to watch videos: How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves, Revised and Updated 2nd Editon by Dr. Sophia Yin ( no ref. links ) [Amazon UK]( | [Amazon US](

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Dog Training - (almost) Complete Guide

Many people are charmed by the idea of a pot-bellied pig as a pet but are unprepared for the demands of keeping a pig. Find out what you need to take care of a pet pig.

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How to Take Care of a Pet Pig

If you have a dog, or are thinking of welcoming a pet dog into your life, it’s important that you know about grooming and bathing care. Bathing and grooming your dog will not only keep them clean and healthy, but you and your home as well.

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Dog Care & Grooming

Learn how to take care of a cat or kitten in this cat care and grooming video series.

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Cat Care & Grooming