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These videos will help you Improve your mentality and mindset and increase the quality of your Dota games. Playlist created by : Igor Dotabuff link :

6 videos

Dota 2 - Mindset and Mentality

Get a complete introduction to Magento 2, one of the most popular ways to build an e-commerce site! With this tutorial, you will be able to start your own e-commerce with these awesome lessons.

30 videos

Magento 2 Beginner Tutorials - the BEST Magento videos

Have you ever wonder how your air conditioner works. If your answer is yes, then this is the playlist for you. We will study the physical laws that makes it possible.

5 videos
Science & Technology

How Air Conditioners Work: Air-Conditioning Basics

Teamfighting guides, Includes guides on things such as; How to teamfight as a Tank/ Assassin/ ADC/ Engage suport/ Peeling support/ AP caster + control mage.

6 videos

Teamfighting Guides

In this playlist Rob Fitzpatrick (author of The Mom Test) and Emmett Shear (Twitch CEO) explain how to do customer development. To put it in another way: how to talk with users and learn what their problems and needs are.

10 videos

How to talk with users – before they're even your users

Learn how to become a DJ using Traktor Pro 2. Including basic mixing techniques and tips you can use with any DJ Software.

7 videos

Learn how to DJ with Traktor Pro 2

A series of educational Dota 2 videos dedicated to players willing to learn more about the Mid role on various topics and get better at it. Playlist created by : Igor Dotabuff link :

8 videos

Dota 2 - The Mid Role

Best Anime Moments so far, there are lot's more to come! Comment below if you want me to add certain videos.

15 videos

Best Anime Moments January 2019 playlist

ADC micro and macro guides. Includes guides on things such as; how to CS/farm (last hitting,) trading and wave control.

11 videos

How to play ADC

Featured topic

The world of machine learning

Learn about the tricks of the trade from the pros.

5 videos

How to win Kaggle competitions :: a collection of talks from the grandmasters

A few notable videos on the topic of gradient boosted trees.

6 videos

Introduction to Gradient Boosting

Introduction to linear models.

17 videos

ML :: Linear Models

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yo mumma

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Cool python projects to practice your skills on real projects

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Programming Projects

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