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Learn how to become a DJ using Traktor Pro 2. Including basic mixing techniques and tips you can use with any DJ Software.

7 videos

Learn how to DJ with Traktor Pro 2

Have you ever wonder how your air conditioner works. If your answer is yes, then this is the playlist for you. We will study the physical laws that makes it possible.

5 videos
Science & Technology

How Air Conditioners Work: Air-Conditioning Basics

A compilation of No Man's Sky biomes from exotic, cool, rare and weird.

6 videos

No Man's Sky exotic, weird, redacted and other cool planets

World of Warcraft game is known that it can run on pretty much anything. But it runs well on almost nothing. MacBook used to be a problem for gamers as its platform didn't really support games. How is Mac doing now with WoW and comparable Blizzard games? Playlist created by Albusis

5 videos

Play WoW on a MacBook

A full guide, tips, mods about Minecrafts underground dimension - The Nether!

9 videos

A guide to the Nether in Minecraft

Gun that engine! All you need to know as a beginner in Forza Horizon 4. Learn how to drift, tune, do improvements, cornering and more.

10 videos

Forza Horizon 4 Beginner Guides

Let's review Fallout 76 benchmarks and learn how to boost your FPS in case your game is lagging

7 videos

Fallout 76 Game Performance and How to Boost FPS

With this guide you will learn about cellular respiration, fermentation, and other processes that extract energy from fuel molecules like glucose.

13 videos

Cellular Respiration - Definition, Equation, Steps, Products and Purpose

Vuetify is a semantic component framework for Vue. It aims to provide clean, semantic and reusable components that make building your application fast. With these videos you will get started with Vue and Vuetify in no time.

32 videos

Vuetify Tutorial Example From Scratch

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The world of machine learning

A few notable videos on the topic of gradient boosted trees.

6 videos

Introduction to Gradient Boosting

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A collaborative playlist of travel finds and inspiration from around the world, to kindle your wanderlust! Since YouTube deprecated its collab playlists feature, i created this on Vidflow for people to share their fav travel inspo, so feel to add yours. Please refrain from pimping your own videos and share only awesome ones others have published! Let's have some fun :)

17 videos
Travel & Events

Travel Inspo Favorites (add yours!)

1 videos