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roughly in the order i listened to them in. first song: Robertino Loretti - Giamaica final song: Вячеслав Добрынин - Качается Вагон song of choice: Весёлые Ребята - Бродячие Артисты honourable mention: Весёлые Ребята - Бологое

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Fashions will come and go, but style will never fade away.

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Beauty & Fashion

Fashions Fade But Style Is Eternal

also known as oh god what the hell is happening first song: Андрiй Князь - Мамина Калина final song: Eruption - One Way Ticket song of choice: Eruption - One Way Ticket

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alternate title: kakyoin first song: მაყვალა & არჩილ ჩიხლაძეები - Pyar Hua Iqrar Hua final song: Болалар - Алло Алло song of choice: მაყვალა & არჩილ ჩიხლაძეები - ოსური სატრფიალო

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i have no quip for part 2 just please stop with the stroheim memes first song: Lepa Brena - Janos final song: Lepa Brena - Perice, moja merice

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in no particular order. first song: Наристе - Мунайба Талаа Гулдору final song: Aija Kukule - Robots

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у меня никогда не будет достаточно этой леди

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Ledi-Disko only in this fuckin g house

i guess "all t stebbins" makes more sense im pretty sure some other aliases are in there somewhere? idk i just made this so i didnt have to keep going back and pressing play/looking for another song

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this is just all odyssey eurobeat lmfao

will write a list of previous songs at some point. will update periodically

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sin tin nikita's choice song of the week

Aprenda a investir em ETFs (ou fundos de indice)

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ETFs (ou Fundos de Indice)

A collaborative playlist of travel finds and inspiration from around the world, to kindle your wanderlust! Since YouTube deprecated its collab playlists feature, i created this on Vidflow for people to share their fav travel inspo, so feel to add yours. Please refrain from pimping your own videos and share only awesome ones others have published! Let's have some fun :)

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Travel Inspo Favorites (add yours!)