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Editing is an extremely important element of Fortnite, whether you use it to kill someone unexpectedly or quickly get out of a tricky situation.

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Communication is key when playing duos/squads. Learn why and how pros communicate to secure the victory.

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Tips and tricks from pros about Fortnite for PS/XBOX players.

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PS4/XBOX tips

The best way to get through the early game is practicing a location, and knowing where all the loot is and hiding spots are.

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Landing and Locations

Accuracy and aiming is one of the most important elements in Fortnite, and in all shooting games in general. Tips from the best gamers about aiming, and how to bop heads every game!

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Accuracy & Sensitivity

Learn and practice one of the main elements in Fortnite like a pro.

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Building Techniques

Bored? Watch these awesome montages that the whole community loves. Show your friends your new useless tricks and 360° 200meter no scopes.

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Funny & Awesome Montages

Learn what the difference is between public matches and scrims or tournaments. Play these types of games when you are ready to test your skills at Fortnite

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The best way to become better at the game is watching the best players play it and learn from them!

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Watch the Best Pro Players

Haven't won your first game yet? Follow these videos and you will be winning games in no-time.

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Win Your First Game