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Essence of Linear Algebra by 3Blue1Brown

People / soft skills related videos, mostly from dr. Jordan Peterson

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People & Blogs

People stuff

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Practical Deep Learning for Coders - v3 (2019) course

A collection of videos on diet, fasting, bio-hacking and health. The topics are diverse and offer multiple perspectives.

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Cooking & food

Discover Healthy Lifestyle

Introduction to linear models.

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ML :: Linear Models

A list of talks in my YT watch-later backlog. Status: **WIP** _I will delete crappy talks, and add new ones as I go over this backlog (this might take months)._

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ML Talks

Learn about the tricks of the trade from the pros.

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How to win Kaggle competitions :: a collection of talks from the grandmasters

The Jupyter Notebooks are available here: Original channel:

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A gentle introduction to Machine Learning concepts

Some interesting things I found on effects of sugars (and high carb foods in general).

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Cooking & food

Sugar: killing you slowly

Put some music on, set the quality to max, speed to 1.5x and enjoy!

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Auto & Vehicles

Trains + Winter = <3

A few easy to digest videos on string theory.

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On String Theory

A few notable videos on the topic of gradient boosted trees.

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Introduction to Gradient Boosting